There is no international investigation into the epidemic before it is finally repelled


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In response to the recent US claims that the Chinese authorities should allow the international community to investigate the source of the Corona virus, which has swept the world, China confirmed, on Wednesday, that the matter was totally and in detail rejected.

The Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva announced that his country refuses to open an international investigation on the source of Covid-19, at a time when the epidemic continues with the outbreak and with it the American accusations against Beijing.

“The priority is to focus on fighting the epidemic until the final victory. We have no time to waste while saving lives,” Shen Gu added during a video conference.

Esber and the source of the epidemic and investigators

This comes after US Defense Secretary Mark Esper again raised, on Tuesday, during a Pentagon conference, the issue of “the source of the epidemic” that has killed more than a quarter of a million people around the world and paralyzed major economies.

Esber stressed the need for China to allow the international community and scientists to investigate its territory with the source of the Corona virus, saying: China should allow us to enter its territory and meet the first patients with the emerging virus, in addition to the medical teams that dealt with them at the beginning.

He also believed that Beijing should abandon attempts to improve its image by offering masks and masks that do not work, and they will be distributed on various conditions in various countries of the world.

From Wuhan, China (Archives - France Press)
From Wuhan, China (Archives – France Press)

It is better for China to open up

To that, he reiterated his country’s position, saying: “The Chinese were not transparent from the beginning. If they were more transparent, open and frank, they would allow us to reach, not only to the infected people on the ground but to the virus they have, so that we can understand it, but today we are in a different situation.” Completely”.

In turn, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff called on China to open up, saying: “It is better for China to open up to investigators and allow international inspectors to do their duties, so that the world knows for sure where the virus started.”

“Did Corona leave the viruses laboratory in Wuhan, did it first appear in the wet market there in Wuhan?” The answer “we don’t know,” but several agencies in the country, both civil and government, are looking into that.

From Wuhan, China, where the first cases of the emerging virus appeared (archive - AFP)
From Wuhan, China, where the first cases of the emerging virus appeared (archive – AFP)

A surprise from global health

It is reported that, while the Chinese Foreign Ministry made it clear more than once, that ongoing investigations and research to find out the source of the virus required time and high-precision expertise, at dawn WHO Representative in China Godin Gallia, Surprise last Thursday.

It was announced that the Chinese authorities had rejected repeated requests by the organization to participate in investigations into the emergence of the emerging coronavirus.

“We know that China has already opened an investigation, but we have not been invited to participate, although we continue to submit requests to participate to the Chinese medical authorities,” he said.

He also clarified that the Chinese authorities did not allow the world body to access the documents of two virus testers in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic last December.

In addition, he stressed that the organization is very interested in knowing how the virus appears in order to avoid another pandemic.

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