There is no shortage of medical supplies and infection control in hospitals


Dr. Sherif Wadih, Advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for Care and Emergency, said that Egypt was one of the first countries to take precautionary measures to protect the injured and the doctors from Corona Virus.
He added Advisor to the Minister of Health, In a phone call to “Ten”, “Egypt has taken Measures Preventive Presets before entering a virus Sk To the country there was a well thought out plan with the health organization Globalism To confront the Corona virus. “

Confirmed Advisor to the Minister of Health “Provide all infection control supplies at Hospitals Since the beginning”.

And complete Advisor to the Minister of HealthSpeaking, “There could be some shortage Supplies Temporarily, but there is Continue ongoing To provide supplies Preventive medical personnel.

He continued Advisor to the Minister of Health There are no deficiencies in medical supplies For the crews Medical The confrontation of the Corona virus“.

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