This is how the self-sterilization gates operate in the Sacred Mosque


Source: Arabic.Net – Hamed Al-Qurashi

The General Presidency of the Sacred Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque inaugurated the “advanced self-sterilization gates” equipped with the latest technologies, which were introduced by the Presidency represented by the Technical and Service Affairs Agency at the doors of the Grand Mosque, as part of the precautionary measures that have been activated since the beginning of the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The advanced self-sterilization gates sterilize people with antiseptic spray, and are equipped with thermal cameras to detect temperatures from a distance of 6 meters, and a smart screen for reading temperatures where it can read the temperature of several people at the same time and the speed of reading up to approximately one second, and the gate includes a unit Store the disinfectant, thermal surveillance cameras, and smart monitors.

Whoever enters the Grand Mosque to start their daily work passes through the gates, and the gates are sterilized periodically after using them.

These gates come as a complement to the preventive and precautionary measures that the presidency did in the Two Holy Mosques, most notably the examination of all entrants to the Sacred Mosque, the installation of thermal cameras, and the application of the spacing between the general worshipers in order to ensure the safety of those in the antique house.

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