Today … the last date for disbursing the first payment of the 500-pound grant


09:28 am

Thursday 14 May 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Today, Thursday, the government ends the disbursement of the first batch of those who left the 500-pound grant in a total of 1500 pounds over 3 months, for irregular employment, with the support of the Egyptian state, for this group affected by the repercussions of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, said that the completion of the completion of the disbursement of the first batch will be at four oclock this afternoon through 4000 outlets at the level of the Republic and 600 schools in some governorates.

The Minister revealed, in a statement, that those who disbursed the grant last Tuesday, who were eligible through 3083 outlets for post at the republic level, amounted to 65 thousand and 930 due, and there are 623 thousand and 61 due to be disbursed until four oclock this afternoon.

The Minister asked every beneficiary to have with him his registered personal phone with him a text message that specifies the date and place of granting the grant, and the national ID card and a photocopy of it, as he will not be able to enter the grant exchange port except by doing so, because of the lack of crowding and a guarantee of the safety of those entitled.

Sa`fan pointed out that the Ministry of Communications allocated the number 142 as a hotline for citizens through which to inquire about the citizen’s eligibility for the grant or not and knows the entity and the deadlines for exchange, by entering the private national number from the north to the right, for not being exposed to the risks of crowding, and to preserve their safety and dignity.

The Minister pointed out that the total number of those entitled to disburse the grant who will spend the second installment amounts to 2 million and 37 thousand and 324 due, and the total amount of the grant from the first installment is one billion, 18 million and 662 thousand pounds, after checking their data from nearly 4 million workers who applied through the system E-mail to the ministry during the period specified by the relevant ministerial committee.

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