Touching statements by artist Hassan Hosni before his death – thought and art – east and west


The Egyptian artist, Hassan Hosni, died, on Friday-Saturday night, at the age of 89, at Dar Al Fouad Hospital in Cairo, after suffering a sudden heart attack, and he subsequently entered the hospital in 6th of October City.

And the late artist was exposed during the past months to many rumors that were circulated continuously about his death, but the great artist was always responding to it in a sarcastic manner, according to a magazine.

Where Hosni commented in an interview with the media, Bossi Shalabi, on the rumor of his death, and he said: “This news is a good rehearsal for my death, and I do not know who is behind these rumors, some of which I find ridiculous.”

The late artist continued his talk about the rumors of his death: “My children are afraid of them and some of them were out of the country and returned quickly, and I always say why the rush for every book and my league is coming.”

The late also answered in a phone call to the citizen’s program about his rumor of his death, and said: “I suffer because of these rumors because my children came in the middle of the night in order to check on my health.”

The late artist also spoke while honoring him at the Cairo Film Festival in 2018 with moving words, where he expressed his happiness by honoring him, saying: “I am glad that I was honored while I was alive.

It is noteworthy that the last artistic appearance of the artist Hassan Hosni was in the last Ramadan season in the series Sultana Al Moez with Ghada Abdel Razek.



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