Trump continues his attack on “World Health” and is considering recovering 10% of aid


US President Donald Trump has renewed his attack on the World Health Organization, saying, in his Twitter account, that he is considering recovering some of the funding the United States has paid to the organization.

The White House halted US contributions to the IAEA last month despite criticism from world and Democratic leaders in Congress who considered the move dangerous.

Trump said the payments being considered for recovery could be 10% of what the United States paid to the International Health Agency and said no final decision had been made yet and the money was still frozen.

The United States cut its funding to the World Health Organization in April after Trump said the organization had made mistakes “causing many deaths” amid an epidemic.Covid-19.

He said that a review of WHO procedures will be made, and that “one of the most dangerous and costly decisions taken by the WHO is its opposition to the travel restrictions it imposed at the beginning of the outbreak.”

For its part, the World Health Organization asked other countries to bridge the funding gaps left by the United States’ suspension of funds to help support its response to the epidemic.


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