Trump ends a press conference after a heated debate with journalists over Corona:


12:33 am

Tuesday 12 May 2020


US President Donald Trump cut his press conference after reporters accused him of a Corona pandemic in his country, and he left the conference in anger.

Trump responded to a question by the CBS journalist at the White House about the reasons for the increase in Coronas deaths in his country from the Corona epidemic, saying: “Why do you specifically tell me? Ask the Chinese.”

Trump, asked the journalist of Asian descent, accused him of spreading the epidemic in his country.

During the conference, the US President said that his country has provided more than 9 million mobile laboratories to conduct a corona examination.

Trump confirmed, at a press conference on Monday, that his country will provide more than 2,500 places to test across American soil.

The US President indicated that his country should intensify the tests of Coronas examination of the role of nationals.

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