Trump: Soon we will determine the origin of Corona


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US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that his administration will soon determine an asset Corona Virus. The US president added that China should have informed us of Coronas details from the start.

In addition, the US President urged China to deal transparently with what you know about the origin of the Coronavirus, which appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan and then spread throughout the world.

Trump told reporters outside the White House upon leaving on a trip to Arizona that the United States would release its report detailing the origin of the virus, without specifying a date.

“We will produce a crucial (report) over a period of time,” Trump said.

Last week, Trump said he had evidence pointing to the Wuhan Virus Institute, the source of the Corona virus.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there is “an overwhelming number of evidence” that the source of the Covid-19 epidemic is a laboratory in Wuhan, China, reiterating previous statements denied by the World Health Organization.

The administration of US President Donald Trump is a staunch promoter of this theory, and is increasingly criticizing Chinas response to the outbreak, which first appeared in Wuhan late last year.

China responds

On Monday, the official China Television and Broadcasting Corporation responded by denouncing what it considered “irrational and flawed statements” of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the supposed source of the new Corona virus, which would exacerbate tension in relations between the two countries.

Chinese newspaper “People’s Daily” published two other comments on Monday, attacking Pompeo and former White House strategist Steve Bannon as “lying clowns” and denouncing Banon as “a living fossil of the Cold War.”

Wuhan Institute (France Press)
Wuhan Institute (France Press)

“Chernobyl Biological”

Last week, Bannon said on a program on an American channel that China had committed a “biological Chernobyl” against America and promoted the theory that the virus originated from the Virus Institute in Wuhan, in a repetition of previous White House statements.

Last week, Chinese official media consistently condemned Pompeo as a “common enemy of mankind” and accused him of “spreading a political virus” against the backdrop of his repeated statements that the epidemic was from a laboratory.

China and the United States have frequently traded accusations over the source of the virus in a growing war of words after Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian last March promoted a conspiracy theory that the US military may have brought the virus to China.

Most scientists believe that the virus passed from animal to human after its appearance in China, in a market likely in Wuhan that sells meat of exotic animals.

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