Until the Corona vaccine is reached, scientists advise this medicinal mixture


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

Scientists are conducting scientific tests to find a treatment that can be declared a vaccine against the Coronavirus if successful.

Until such time as the drug becomes available, researchers advise laboratory tests and a combination of healing medications to prevent possible complications.

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The eyes are still watching the production of the vaccine for the coronavirus, while the race is at its most intense, and the world is searching for faster solutions, specifically in the existing drug indexes, and the possibility of mixing them.

In Britain, work is under way to produce a Covid-19 remedy by mixing 3 different drugs that scientists are counting on after 8 clinical trials currently underway.


The experiments are conducted on more than 10 thousand volunteers in order to reach the intended treatment.

With the news coming, there is talk about the possibility of reaching the Corona vaccine by the end of this year, or perhaps more, but it will be more useful to search for useful drugs than is currently available.

Medication mixture, so to speak, is based on a logical prescription:

Antiviral drug
* With immunosuppressant medication
* Another anti-inflammatory

The aim of the prescription, of course, is to avoid what is known as an “immune storm”, that is, an acute immune response that kills the patient, not the virus itself.

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