Urgent action after the death of a Corona sufferer in Al-Masiri, Alexandria


A committee from the Preventive Medicine and Infectious Diseases Department at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Alexandria visited the village to examine the situation on the ground, and to write a report on it in preparation for its isolation if necessary.
The employees of Al-Amiriya Thani neighborhood also visited the village for the second day to perform cleansing and sterilization of the buildings and roads there.

For the second day, the district employees in the village performed sterilization by disinfection equipment in the various areas of the village, starting from the main street, passing through the market, and surrounding many houses in the village, especially those with positive cases.

The entire sites were covered by the disinfectants recommended by the World Health Organization under the supervision of the work team at the Agricultural Research Center in Alexandria and the cooperation of the clearance team.

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