US official: “Apple” declined to decipher the Shamrani phone .. two sons


06:10 PM

Monday 18 May 2020


Christopher Ray, director of the FBI, confirmed that Saudi trainee Muhammad al-Shamrani had coordination with dangerous al Qaeda militants.

For his part, William Barr, the US Attorney General, described the terrorist attack last December, on the Pensacola military base in Florida.

The US Attorney General confirmed, at a press conference, today, Monday, that the Saudi trainee, Mohammed Al-Shamrani, who carried out the attack on the Pensacola military base in Florida, last year, had had contacts and coordination with a group of dangerous people in al-Qaeda even before his arrival in the United States.

The US Attorney General indicated that the decryption of al-Shamrani’s phone provided us with valuable evidence showing that the attack was planned by al-Qaeda.

The accident resulted in the death of 3 American soldiers, at the Pensacola Military Base in Florida, and the perpetrator, Muhammad al-Shamrani, was killed.

The Ministry of Justice had requested assistance from Apple to obtain data from Al-Shamrani’s phone, but it declined to do so.

Ray said that they had not received any help from Apple in deciphering the perpetrator’s phone.

In the same regard, Barr commented, “The decisive evidence was kept from the terrorist’s perpetrator’s phone, and we did not know what we now know and inferred valuable intelligence.”

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