Victory is not a competitor to Hilal .. and this club is its true rival


Sami Al-Jaber, the former Saudi star of Al-Hilal, said that Al-Nasr is not a competitor to Al-Hilal and that Al-Hilal’s only competitor is Al-Ittihad.

Al-Jaber added in statements through the “Al-Liwan” program: Al-Hilal thinks only of gold and the rise of platforms, indicating that the club in 2009-2010 broke Al-Hilal’s numbers and finished the league 4 rounds.

And Abizaid: There is a light year between the two teams and the competition between them in my viewpoint, according to the media and the masses only, and we cannot compare 59 championships for Al-Hilal with 25 championships for victory. He pointed out that he speaks the language of numbers and that this does not include abuse to anyone.

Sami Al-Jaber: Al-Nasr is not a rival to Al-Hilal .. and this club is its true rival

He continued: “The number of victory and Hilal matches is considered a championship for victory, but we consider it a championship to silence noise or eliminate noise.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “Let us stop shouting and noise. The real competitor of Al Hilal is the union and that is in numbers.


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