Video and numbers .. What did Coulibaly offer after his nomination to lead the Zamalek attack?


Zamalek officials have received a number of nominations through Nabil Abu Zayd, the players ’agent, to join the Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly, the former Al-Ahly striker, and the current coastal star, during the next summer transfer period, to strengthen the white attack line in the new season. Citadel officials dead obstacle file of new deals in agreement with the French technical director Patrice Carteron, where a source familiar with the White Castle revealed that the management of Zamalek Club in consultation with the coach will determine the number of foreigners to be recruited according to the regulations of the new season where only one player will be brought, along with the trio of Ferjani White Sassi, Ashraf bin Sharqi and Mohamed Onagem, as long as the list permits only four players, and “Seventh Day” in the following lines will review everything that Ivorian Coulibaly presented to be nominated to join the white ranks in the new season.

– Coulibaly march from the beginning until joining the coastal star

Is a club The coastal star It is the last station of the Ivorian striker Coulibaly, the 25-year-old, born on December 26, 1994.His first stop was in Italy, specifically the club Siena, who played for the 2010-2011 season and participated in 11 games for the U-19 team in the club, and scored a goal.

Soleimani Coulibaly started his international career from the portal of the Côte d’Ivoire national team under the 17-year-old in the Junior World Cup 2011, when he scored nine goals in four games, with a goal against Australia, 4 goals against Denmark, and hat-trick against Brazil, and Coulibaly also scored a goal in the national team match His country against France, which ended in the defeat of Cote d’Ivoire with three goals to two, to bid farewell to the tournament from the round of 16.

Coulibaly topped the list of scorers in the tournament, where he scored nine of the ten goals that Cote d’Ivoire scored in the World Cup, equaling the record for the largest number of goals recorded by any player in one World Junior Cup tournament, the number recorded in the name of the French Florent Sinama in the Junior World Cup in 2001.

Coulibaly was nicknamed “The New Drogba” in reference to his fellow player Didier Drogba, and on July 18, 2011 Tottenham Hotspur announced his contract with Coulibaly after his impressive performance in the U-17 World Cup held in Mexico, and participated with the Tottenham U-23 team, in 18 A match in which he scored 5 goals.

He then moved to a number of clubs and his longest run was with Peterborough United, who plays in the second division, where he participated in 32 games, during which he scored 6 goals and made 4 goals.

Finally, Coulibaly participated with the coastal star who joined him at the beginning of the current season, in 9 games, including 4 games in the African Champions League, while he scored with the Tunisian team two goals.

– Coulibaly with Al-Ahly

Coulibaly is not considered alien to the atmosphere of Egyptian football, as he previously joined the ranks of Al-Ahly 2016/2017 season, before everyone was surprised by his escape from the Red Castle and his departure from Cairo without the knowledge of his club at dawn on May 25, 2017, with an Italian passport that he holds other than his Ivorian passport that he had delivered Al-Ahmar officials, after joining the team’s ranks 4 months ago during the winter transfer period, coming from Scottish Kilmarnock for 800,000 pounds, where the Ivorian attacker accused Al-Ahly of mistreating the Red Castle officials to file a complaint against him with the International Football Association, and after arbitration sessions Al-Ahly received a ruling to fine the player one million and four hundred thousand dollars, but Coulibaly did not commit to pay more than once, which entailed him stopping him until he entered the coastal star club and bought Coulibaly and began negotiating to end the crisis in exchange for Red getting his financial dues.

In total, Coulibaly participated with Al-Ahly in 12 games, during which he scored 6 goals and got one warning, while he was crowned with the Red Castle in the Premier League and Egypt Cup.


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