Video Basem Yakhur reveals the truth of his knowledge of the “official crazy Ramiz”


05:44 PM

Sunday 03 May 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

The Syrian artist, Bassem Yakhour, revealed the truth of his knowledge of the mold of the “Ramiz Majnoon Official” program, which is being victim today.

Yakhour said during his meeting with the Syrian media, Ahmed Al-Daraa: “This is a type of program in which more large numbers of regular programs are paid in compensation for the prank, but certainly no one knows what will happen.”

Basem added: “In short, you will have your feeling on this subject … but the story is not clear .. What will be known to someone, what will become clear, and certainly not in the end, that you will know where is the smell of things … I mean, for example, Ramez deceives people this year with the artist Arwa, and she was the one who was communicating With the people on the basis that she hosts them in the lie detection program, and it is a talk show and then Bait Ramez makes the prank. “

And Bassem continued: “But he is the same prank, regardless of whether you are afraid or not … he is on a test device that turns you over and you are all your head under the blood and gathered in your head and he wraps in you and feels that your stomach is going to get out of your ability .. The story is that it is in something that annoys you psychologically not physically “.

The program “Ramez Majnun is an official”, depends on the contestant being placed on the “recognition chair” and the presenter begins. Arwa asked questions to the guest for some time, and in the waiting paragraph the guest is asked about his opinion in pictures of three characters, the third will be for Rams Jalal who comes out and surprises the guest, and after completion From photographing the dialogue, the guest finds himself facing a new impasse.


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