Video- Embarrassing situation of Reham Saeed in a jewelry store: I am tired


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Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 – 22:23

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        The media, Reham Saeed, revealed that she is committed to the precautionary measures against the Corona virus, noting that she did not leave her home 4 months ago, but she went out this morning to visit her private doctor, whom she did not find and then went shopping.<p>Saeed said in a video published through her accounts on social media that she was subjected to an embarrassing situation when she entered a shop of the goldsmiths, as she asked an employee of the store to stop raising the mobile as if he is photographing it as a sign that she suffers from a photophobia due to what happens to her problems.

Reham Saeed confirmed that she spoke with the employee very nicely, and when he told her that he would not remove the phone because he is using it at work, she said to him, “Get off and rest me,” but the store manager intervened and refused to tell the employee not to use the phone.

Saeed added that by asking another employee about the price of one of the pieces in the store, and as soon as she spoke her name, the manager came back in and once again attacked her, asking: “You wanted him to drop the mobile for him.” When Reham replied, and the woman confirmed her personality, she was deeply insulted, refusing to Disclose it in order not to bother her fans.

It is noteworthy that the Giza Appellate Misdemeanor Court had issued its decision some time ago, acquitting the journalist Reham Saeed in the lawsuit against her by two overweight women because of her statements about obesity.

The court dismissed the lawsuit filed by lawyer Ashraf Naji for the year 2019 against the journalist Reham Saeed, and the accusations against her of insulting people suffering from obesity, during one of the episodes of her program on a satellite channel.

In the verdicts of the ruling, the court said that the complainant had not been charged with the offense, there was abuse personally and the papers were free of that.

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