Video – Mahmoud Hamida reveals his secrets with “The Washing Machine”


Artist Mahmoud Hamida, a guest of mbc trending, resolved to talk about the scenes of his participation in the science fiction movie “The washing machine”, stressing that he asked the director what he wanted exactly from him

He added that he deals with all the films presented to him in one way, which is the quality of the scenario first.

He continued: “The first is to see the scenario … And after that I see the director, do I want me specifically in this scenario, why? If I answer this question, do you not work with him, even if the answer does not satisfy me, I will not work with him.”

Hamida said about his cooperation with the director Essam Abdel Hamid, who is experiencing the directing experience for the first time through the movie “The Washing Machine”: “I felt that I was dealing with a great director, and I am happy that I am cooperating with the very big young director Issam Abdel Hamid.”

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Hamida is competing in the current Ramadan season, with the series “When We were Young”, directed by Muhammad Ali and written by Ayman Salama, and co-starring Khaled Al Nabawi, Mahmoud Hamida and Karim Kassem, Reham Hajjaj, Nisreen Amin, Nabeel Issa, Mahmoud Hijazi and Hani Adel.


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