Video – Muhammad Sami recounts how he dealt with the child, Farida, in “Al-Prince” to get rid of the feelings of sadness


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Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 – 1:36 pm

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        On the "Ninth" program on the first channel, the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi hosted the child Farida Hosam, who embodied the role of Maryam, the daughter of Radwan Al-Prince, in the series "Al-Prince" by Mohammed Ramadan.<p>This is after the praises the child received, Farida, in her famous scene while the heroes left her on the street, which sparked the sympathy of the audience with her.

In a telephone interview, director Mohamed Sami Kalekis revealed the famous scene of the child, Farida in the series, and how he dealt with it to get these feelings out from the camera.

Sami said that Farida is nearing the age of his daughter, so he is keen on her friendship and not feeling fear and has a special treatment in the scenes of the series.

Sami added that in a unique crying scene, he was keen to keep her mother away from her and treated her with some severity, stressing that half of her crying is real because of the absence of her mother.

It is noteworthy that the Prince series, written and directed by Mohamed Sami, is produced by Synergy-Tamer Morsi, and a number of artists are participating in the championship. Mohamed Ramadan, Nour, Ahmed Zahir, Naglaa Badr, Rogina, Edward, Safa El-Toukhy, Salwa Othman, Mohamed Alaa, Rehab El-Gamal, Donia Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Mahran, Mohamed Gomaa, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Badria Tolba, Ahmed Dash and Reem Sami.

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