Viva decides to stop the President of the Haitian Federation for accusing him of raping underage girls


FIFA has decided to stop Yves Jean Bart, president of the Haitian State Football Association, from performing football activities for 90 days, on charges of sexual assault against underage girls.

FIFA issued a statement on its official website, confirming that, according to the Ethics Act, it was decided to suspend Barthes from performing any football-related activity for a period of 90 days, pending the completion of investigations into a case concerning him, and that Barthes was informed of this decision for immediate implementation.

FIFA said in its statement: “According to Articles 84 and 85 of the FIFA Ethics Act, the Ethics Committee’s investigation room temporarily suspended Yves Jean-Bart, President of the Haitian Football Association, from engaging in any game-related activity at the local and international levels, for a period of 90 days. “.

Some press reports indicated that Barthes was arrested for an alleged sexual assault towards female footballers in his country, which was reported by the British Guardian newspaper a month ago.

Jean Barth, 73, who has been in office since 2000, is accused of raping female players, including minors, at the national training center of the federation.

The President of the Haitian Federation has denied the accusations published by the newspaper “The Guardian” and attributed it to several sources, including people working in the center, in addition to girls who were victims of him and their families.

The report indicated that Jean Barthes sexual abuse in the past five years.


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