Warnings that samples of Mars rocks with space virus will return to Earth


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Scott Hubbard, professor of aviation and space science at Stanford, said in an interview that the solution is to protect the planets.

Hubbard added: “Mechanical systems will have to undergo a mixture of chemical cleaning and heat sterilization, while tubes containing Mars samples need to be treated as if they were the Ebola virus until they are proven safe.”

Hubbard also suggests that astronauts should be quarantined once they reach our planet, as did the first men who visited the moon on the Apollo mission.

Jim Bridenstein, director of NASA, announced last year that the agency aims to place humans on Mars early in 2035. Although exciting, the mission could be harmful to Earth if space flight heroes return with space pollutants.

“In my opinion, and in the science community, the chance that rocks from Mars millions of years old contain an active life can affect Earth is very low, but nevertheless the Mars samples that NASA returns will be isolated and treated as if they were a virus,” Hubbard said. Ebola until proven safe. “

Experts are not only concerned with earth pollution, they are also afraid of humans spreading their germs on Mars, however, a team of researchers from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, with colleagues from W. Raquel Peixoto and Alexander Rosado from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, suggest that they start Human microbes are the process of repairing the red planet and creating an environment that can preserve life.

The team wants to develop a process that involves screening promising microbes and disposing of dangerous microbes before launching them on Mars. However, space agencies have developed specific protocols to prevent contamination of other planets, and experts note that more research is needed before we begin to pollute other worlds.


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