Watch students design a dog shaped robot with a 3D printer


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website, the miniature version, called “Stanford Popper”, which has the ability to do all the movements freely at a 12-degree angle has been developed, which means that it can retreat, move forward, and it can simulate a crawl movement. Real on earth.

“We are a student team for robots in Stanford and have inspired our work from other legged robots that we see as Boston Dynamics,” said Nathan Cow, a robot creator. “We wanted one in our hands, and we had no way to do it because it was so expensive, and that probably led us to use inexpensive parts while finding the most powerful engines and doing the program ourselves,” Cao added.

The three-pound machine is able to jog, jump, run, and sneak across the ground like a live dog, and can be made for $ 600 to $ 900. To create the robot, the research team needed a set of parts including carbon fiber panels for the robot frame.

Custom parts include carbon fiber oriented parts, 3D printed parts and printed circuit board for power and motors distribution. “The development time takes between 4 and 10 hours, depending on how well you build a robot,” Cao said.


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