Watch … the guard of “Pharaohs” turns magic on the magician in the program “Ramez Majnoon Official” and Ramez falls in the water


Watch ... guard


Mohamed El-Shinnawy, the Al-Ahly club goalkeeper and the Egyptian national football team, managed to bring down Ramiz Jalal, the prank program owner, “Ramiz Majnoun Official” in the water pool used by the latter to drop his guests.

The 31-year-old El-Shennawy fell horribly in the water pool and his left shoulder collided forcefully next to the pool, causing Ramez to come a little closer to check on him.

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The idea of ​​the program revolves around the basis of enticing the victim to participate in a program in the name of the truth, presented by the Yemeni singer Arwa, before Ramez Jalal appears and the guest signs in his mold. The guest is tied in a chair that is connected to electricity and the guest is subjected to the torture of Ramez Jalal.

The program, which has a large number of viewers, received a lot of criticism, and a complaint was filed against the program for “inciting violence, bullying and bullying.”

Al-Shennawi confirmed, during the program’s questions, that he remains in Al-Ahly club, and does not think about leaving him permanently, pointing out that he is reassured by the presence of the quad Ahmed Ahmed Fathi, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf and Ali Maaloul at his side in the matches.

Source: Agencies

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