Watch … “The Little Chef”, the new social media star



In the midst of bleak pictures of the spread of the Corona virus around the world, and the isolation measures that have made many bored and depressed, this little boy, who is less than one year old, is stealing the hearts of everyone who saw him on social media.

Chef Kobe .. the owner of my page, “Kobe Eats” on “Facebook” and “Instagram”, who defined himself as follows: “I am a chef Kobe .. I love cooking and eating” .. He became the star of social networking sites with his attractive smile and wit, which encouraged the means Media around the world to write about.

A child who has not reached the age of one year appears at all times with a funny video, dressed as a chef, to cook some simple dishes (with the help of his mother that does not usually appear), adding spices, mixing ingredients, and kneading doughs with his little hands in a way that hijacks the hearts of everyone he saw and forces those who cares The world to laugh and smile and the feeling of joy from the heart.

The video ends with the curious chef as he talks about what he cooked in a way that hijacks hearts.

In a few weeks, the small chef “Kobe”, with his wonderful smile, became a social media superstar, with hundreds of thousands of followers on his social accounts, as his videos garner great views and are widely shared, and the funniest comments attract.


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