Watch the moment Reham Hajjaj was executed in “When We Were Young” … video


The curtain fell on the events of the series When we were young To the stars Reham Hajjaj, Mahmoud Hamida and Khaled El Nabawy, with the scene of the execution of “Donia”, Reham Hajjaj, after she confessed to all the crimes she committed starting from killing her father, passing through the killing of “Noha” Nisreen Amin, “Wael” Karim Qassem, and “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida.

The events of episode 30 and the last of the series “When We were Young” started with a “dunya” continuously to present her confessions about her crimes, and she tells a story that got rid of “Wael” Karim Kassem, so she goes to his apartment and explains his justification for him to get rid of “Noha” Nisreen Amin after she threatened to reveal her murder For her father, and puts his poison in the coffee, and during the observation of “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida for “Wael”, Salim discovers her crime and threatens her with a video of killing Wael.

After “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida discovered her crime, she revealed to him the game “Rania” that “Yassin” Khaled Al-Nabawy had planned to catch, and was convinced of her loyalty to him.

Then “Donia”, Reham Hajjaj, planned to kill “Salim” Mahmoud Hamida after he discovered her crime with “Wael” and she invited him to her villa to kill him, and she called “Yassin” to ask him for his delusion that “Salim” wanted to get rid of it before he assaulted him with a victory and killed him.

During investigations, “Donia” Reham Hajjaj says: “I took my right in my hands and forgot that there is in it our Lord who takes the rights of the human beings Adam. He decides to execute“ Dunya ”. Reham Hajjaj embodies the death scene in the red suit, so the episodes of the series end with the scene of the execution.


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