We hope for a complete ban on the last week of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr


Dr. Hossam Hosni, head of the scientific committee to combat the Corona virus at the Ministry of Health, expressed his personal wish that a complete ban will be imposed in the last week of Ramadan and the first week of Eid: “We hope that the government will take the decision to impose the complete ban in the last week of Ramadan and the week of Eid,” noting Until the two weeks have no effect on economic life because they are related to the Egyptian people to obtain a holiday before the holiday and production rates fall in them.

He said during a telephone interview with the media by Mays Al-Hadidi on the “Cairo Now” program broadcast on the “Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath” satellite channel, that he presented the idea to state institutions and will take the decision in light of balance in the interest of the people, stressing that the high rates of family infection is sad, and it is enough that we have seven families A whole woman was infected from Fayoum governorate only, by 3 and 4 members for the first 2 families and 2 for the other 5.

Dr. Hossam Hosni pointed out that yesterday, 7 families from Fayoum Governorate were exposed to corona infection, pointing out that the social divergence should be implemented within the same family and the best solution for Corona is currently prevention.

He stressed that the health isolation hospitals have not been filled with cases of corona infection until now, pointing out that the isolation hospitals are operating at a high capacity.

The decline in corona mortality due to taking the cases explained the necessary care, the speed of transmission and the diagnosis of the affected cases, along with the awareness of the elderly in resorting to medical care early upon the appearance of symptoms of the disease, and that the plasma had a role.


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