“Wearing garbage” … a sentence that topples local unit officials in Fayoum


06:19 PM

Sunday May 31, 2020

Fayoum – Hussein Fathi:

Fayoum Governor, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, announced the exemption of the head of the local unit in the village of the polytheist tribal, affiliated to the Yusef al-Siddiq center, and the secretary of the local unit, and the concerned employee from editing letters to the relevant authorities, and referring them to investigate their responsibility for written errors that transformed the meaning of one of the official speeches regarding confronting the Corona virus New to something different.

In contrast to the grammatical errors mentioned in the letter, the phrase “wearing garbage” was replaced by “wearing a muzzle” in several places of the letter, which was addressed to employees of the local unit, to emphasize personal protective measures against the Corona virus.

The spokesperson for the Fayoum Governorate, Dr. Mohamed Al-Tuni, explained that the employee responsible for editing the speech did not observe the accuracy and did not adhere to his work tasks, while the secretary of the local unit did not notice mistakes during the signing of the letter, while the supervisory role of the head of the local unit in the follow-up was absent, which is a serious violation of the tasks and requirements the work.


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