What made Gerrard a legend established in the history of Liverpool?


It is difficult to imagine a player becoming a legend in a team that enjoys a wide audience, although he did not lead his team to the local league title throughout his career, but the former Liverpool star Stephen Gerrard was that exception, and “Captain Fantastic” became one of the most important legends of his club throughout history, without the need to embrace the Premier League Cup .

Despite his absence from the club’s headquarters, and despite the difficult atmosphere in which footballers live in light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the Liverpool stars and their German coach Juergen Klopp did not miss the morning of May 30, without a special congratulation to their club legend, on his fortieth birthday, and perhaps created a Christmas song A delightful atmosphere that the players needed.

Why is Gerrard so popular with his club fans? And perhaps many of his competitors as well, despite causing the most painful shot of the red team fans, when he “slipped” against Chelsea in the 2013/2014 season, causing the goal of the Senegalese Demba Pa, which was a major cause of the loss of the confrontation, and an unforgettable loss of the absent Premier League title About the team thirty years ago.

Gerrard started his career with the shirt of the first Liverpool team at the age of 18 years, and soon the rising player became influential in his team, and by the new century, he became one of the stars of the red squad, to start a special era that became associated with the name of the midfielder who had the offensive and defensive capabilities that made him one of the most prominent stars of the ball English.

The quad in 2001 granted the young star great popularity, after he actively contributed to crown Liverpool the European Union Cup, the FA Cup, the Professional League Cup and the European Super Cup at the expense of Bayern Munich, the Champions League champion, and Gerard scored 10 goals in the 2000/2001 season, He also made 7 goals.

At the age of 23, Gerrard became captain of the team, and his exceptional character imposed his name on everyone, as Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of Manchester United, the most prominent player in Liverpool, described him as the most influential player in England, by a large margin to everyone.

Gerrard not only made his popularity thanks to personal traits, as the player who played throughout his career in the center of the straight midfield, enjoyed amazing numbers, so he scored 186 goals in the red shirt, and made 129 goals, and the world saw its distinction in all kinds of goals, between the missiles he was famous for, as well as Distinguished sense in front of goal, also scored many goals with unforgettable headers.

Gerrard has been the true “maestro” in Liverpool midfield for years, the player who has managed to shine in all defensive and offensive midfield positions, and his tactical shift in the Champions League final against AC Milan in 2005 is a prime example of that value.

Liverpool were delayed 3-0 by its Italian rival in the first half, before Gerard inflated his team-mates enthusiasm between the two halves of the match, and after only nine minutes he played the same role with the fans of his team that traveled from the English lands to Istanbul, after he scored the first goal with a distinct header, and pointed to the red fans with encouragement Enthusiastically, his fellow Czech Smechter boosted the comeback just two minutes later, and only four minutes passed until Gerrard got a penalty, through which Xabi Alonso scored the equalizer, before Liverpool won a penalty shootout in a legendary encounter that became the most famous in the history of the Champions League.

Spanish coach Rafael Benitez decided to change the position of Gerrard between the two halves of the match, and he became the outright playmaker, a transformation that came to fruition in a tournament that linked the fans of Liverpool with their legend Gerrard, not only for the events of the final confrontation, but also for a deadly missile target in the Greek team Olympiacos last minute. From the age of the group stage, he saved the team from the early exit, and opened his way to the most prestigious continental title.

In the following season, in the same way, Gerrard lit a stadium Millennium in the net against West Ham in injury time, from a shot also, he tied it 3-3 to win Liverpool a new title a penalty shootout.

Gerrard did not succeed in leading Liverpool to the Premier League title, but he succeeded in leading the team to a distinguished stage during which he enjoyed a special glamor, after he won all European titles “and qualified for another final in the Champions League in 2007” as he won two FA Cups and three Pro League Cups .

Gerrard remained one of the most prominent stars who played for a near-complete career with one shirt, and had it not been for the final season during which he enjoyed playing with the Los Angeles Galaxy team before his retirement in 2016, his professional career in only one color would have served him in 695 games and he became the sixth goalscorer throughout history, although he He did not play regularly in an offensive position throughout his career.

“And he rejected me three times.” Thus, Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho completed his television interview, when I mentioned that Gerard is the only player to score in the European Champions League final, European Union Cup final, the FA Cup final and the League Cup final, hinting that he wished to sign With Gerrard, when he took charge of Chelsea, Internazionale and Real Madrid, he did not succeed the three times, confirming his devotion to the team he has been associated with since his early childhood.

Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dyck, Sadio, Mane and their colleagues will enjoy the anticipated Premier League title after thirty years of absence, with the impending resumption of Premier League competitions, but certainly a large segment of the public will present that title as a gift to their legend Stephen Gerrard, to embrace him honorably, five years after he took off the red shirt, did not He misses the hearts of his fans.


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