What not to do when wearing a muzzle .. Global Health Tips for Corona Prevention (Infograph)


The World Health Organization in Cairo advised that the muzzle should be worn as it is one of the precautionary measures to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus, explaining that it alone is not protected from the epidemic, and it is necessary to keep away from others a distance of no less than a meter, and wash hands constantly.

The World Health Organization account in Egypt, via Twitter, posted an “infograph” that contains many guidelines when wearing a muzzle, saying: “What should not be done when wearing a muzzle and always remember that wearing a muzzle alone does not protect you from Covid-19 infection. Stay away from others.” A distance of at least one meter, and always wash your hands well and repeatedly even if you wear a muzzle. “

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It says in the infograph, that we must not use the torn or wet muzzle, as it is not placed on the nose or mouth only, and must not touch the outside, and not remove it when talking to others or when doing anything else, and it is not used again.

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The infograph showed, that the use of masks alone will not protect against Covid-19 infection, but you must stay away from others for at least one meter, and wash your hands well and repeatedly even if you wear a muzzle.

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On the other hand, the World Health published in another infograph, for the safe way to wear the medical mask, and it was stated that it is necessary to wash hands before touching the muzzle and inspect it to make sure that it is free from any cracks or holes, and to determine the upper party where it contains the metal tape, and to ensure that the external side is Colorful, fastening the reinforced meaning tip to the nose well, and the need to wash hands after throwing the muzzle.

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