WhatsApp: WhatsApp Pay will not be launched for payment in India without compliance with regulations


On Wednesday, WhatsApp confirmed to the Supreme Court that it would not launch its payment gateway, which is called Whatsapp pay Before obtaining the approval of the Reserve Bank of India, and without complying with all payment regulations and standards in the country, prominent lawyer Kapil Sibal made this statement on behalf of the messaging platform in front of Chief Justice Sa Pobde.

Sibal said: “The WhatsApp Inc It will not go ahead with the payment plan without complying with all applicable regulations. ”The statement was issued while listening to a petition seeking to prohibit payment via WhatsApp, because it does not comply with data localization standards.

According to the Times of India website, the Supreme Court was dealing with a petition submitted by an institution Good Governance Chambers It is based in Delhi, which seeks to prevent the government from allowing WhatsApp and Facebook to operate payment platforms.

The petition claimed that in February 2018 it was awarded NPCI Authorize WhatsApp to provide its payment services under the ecosystem UPI.

The petition alleged that WhatsApp, for the purpose of providing the payment service, did not launch a “custom application” for enabled transactions UPI With it, but it included its messaging app with enable feature UPI.

The petition confirmed that the arrival of WhatsApp and Facebook poses a real threat to the security of the financial information that can be passed on to them.

The court recorded Sibal’s statement, and issued notices to the National Payments Corporation of India, the FBI and the government to find out their official legal position on the issue, and they will have to respond within three weeks.


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