White x Black .. Zeenat Sedky presented 200 films, and during her days, Afash sold her home to eat


An artist with charisma, culture, and spontaneity that helped her reach the audience’s heart without permission. She put a smile on the lips of adults and children. All her cinematic roles exudes lightness, humor, and naturalness that are difficult to separate from her true personality. She is the great artist Zeenat Sedky, who is going through her birthday today, and we review About her life in the series “White x BlackPublished by “The Seventh Day” During Ramadan .

The beginning of the relationship of the artist Zeenat Sedky “4 May 1912/2 March 1987”, when she studied at the “Ansar and Imagination Supporters Institute”, which was founded by the artist Zaki Tulaimat in Alexandria but her father prevented her from completing her studies and married her and the marriage did not last for more than a year, so she entered Art world as a singer and dancer.

And the book “Black and White” by Ashraf Beydis says, she joined Naguib Mahfouz’s band, then went to the cinema to participate in her first work in 1937 AD “Behind the Curtain” by Kamal Selim. The works continue to reach more than 200 films, most notably “Miss Hanafi, Ibn Hamido,” Barber of Ladies, Al-Hub Street, Our Sweet Days, Four Daughters and an Officer, Between Your Hands, The Green Threshold, Ismail Yassin at Al Majanan Hospital, and her latest film was “I showed her name, Mahmoud 1975 AD.

Zeenat Sedky managed to break the man’s monopoly on laughter and filled the atmosphere with joy, but her condition, like the makers of laughter in our homelands, continues to inspire the hope of others and draw optimism on their faces, while daring loneliness, scarcity, and displacement, and the last scene of their lives is pathetic, sad and sometimes heartbreak, but we remember them with all Love and gratitude, for the sincerity and sacrifice they provided, as they were concerned only with art, and when they departed, they left nothing but their art.

The late artist Zeenat Sedky faced many crises before her departure, where loneliness, disease, lights shed, and the sale of “luggage” of the house so that she could eat, and when the state remembers her where the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat honored her in 1976 AD, she does not find a dress appropriate for the occasion, so she has to manage a pocket and blouse with difficulty Seriously, to leave our world due to her injury to water on the lung, and before her death she did not submit any work for 6 years except one movie: “her name is Mahmoud” in 1975, leaving the art world March 2, 1978 AD, leaving behind her artistic heritage that will remain immortal.


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