Why did Erdogan outrage after the Libyan mandate of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter? A political expert reveals the details


The dean said Samir Ragheb, Director of the Arab Foundation for Strategic Studies, IN Libyan National Army He controlled the largest existing area in Libya, declared his commitment to the armistice and eliminated terrorism in eastern and central Libya.
He explained that the popular movement in Libya What happened against the practices of Erdogan and his army has stagnated somewhat as a result of the spread of Corona virus and their preoccupation with this matter, which is something that Turkey exploited in its favor and committed its crimes in the cover of darkness, and the media is also busy with the global crisis of the Corona virus.

Brigadier Samir Ragheb pointed out that Erdogan brought mercenaries, who are terrorist groups, and the latter made a gathering from several separate regions, pointing out that those who were killed from these terrorist groups are not counted on the Turkish army.

The director of the Arab Foundation for Strategic Studies added that there are pressures in Turkey regarding Erdogan’s involvement in any foreign operations, whether in Syria or Libya.

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