Will the “Prayer for Humanity” initiative unite the peoples of the world, despite the different beliefs?


Pope Francis and Sheikh of Al-Azhar

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Arab newspapers have commented on the global initiative, “Prayer for Humanity”, to call for an end to the epidemic of the emerging virus from the world, which was launched by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, which is based in the Emirates, under the patronage of Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, and Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb.

The Committee issued a worldwide appeal to all people, regardless of their tongue, colors and beliefs, to pray on Thursday, 14 May, for the salvation of humanity from the Coruna epidemic.

The initiative witnessed a wide interaction of public figures, clergy, international organizations and various media.

Meeting and Dialogue

The Emirati “statement” says in its editorial that “the world witnessed yesterday a unique historical event called for by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity, which is based in the Emirates, to perform the first multi-religious prayer and go to God to save humanity from the Corona pandemic. This difficult circumstance, It was an opportunity for collective thinking, in a painful situation, to have many negative effects at all levels and levels. ”

The newspaper adds: “Regardless of racial, cultural and religious differences, the peoples of the world today are responsible for playing their role in combating this epidemic, curbing it and protecting humanity from its dangers. It is a legitimate and human duty, but rather a practical application of human fraternity, which this crisis puts to the test. A real test that reveals our sincerity and commitment to its lofty teachings. We are in this circumstance together, and we will overcome it together. “

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The Emirates newspaper “Al-Ittihad” added: “Humanity has united, and differences have fused, and the most powerful millions of people of every religion, sect and nationality have risen to the Creator.”

The newspaper said: “May 14, a landmark day in the history of the world, and a turning point in the coming days into a unified global march entitled brotherhood, convergence and dialogue, rejection of intolerance, division and hatred, cooperation and solidarity to victory over the epidemic that does not differentiate between followers of religion, gender or color Or rich or poor, it is a human history to maximize the values ​​of giving, justice and equality, stopping the epidemic of war and ending hunger. ”

The newspaper added that this call “came to direct the material and human capabilities in order to bring about the comprehensive development that benefits the inhabitants of the earth, support science, scientists and researchers, and strengthen the education, health and food system, and ensure a better future for future generations by consolidating the importance of teamwork in facing any challenge, no matter how difficult.”

“Global interaction”

London’s Al-Arab says that the “Prayer for Humanity” initiative represents “the document of human brotherhood for global peace and coexistence, an inspiring call for all of humanity, whose civilized scenery will remain preserved in the memory of international human history forever.”

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The newspaper adds that the initiative witnessed “official and popular solidarity around the world starting with the announcement by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, his solidarity with the initiative and its support and the welcoming of Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb and Pope Francis, the pope of the Catholic Church and their response to the call to prayer and prayers for humanity in addition to interaction The vast world of leaders, leaders, clerics, and international organizations who have expressed their support and participation in prayer and supplication. ”

The Egyptian newspaper “El Mhabtada” says, “The Prayer for Humanity Initiative, which was launched by the Supreme Committee for Human Fraternity, emanating from the Human Fraternity Document for World Peace and Coexistence, is an inspiring call for all humanity, whose civilized scene will remain preserved in the memory of international human history forever.” .

The newspaper adds: “Citizens’ hearts unite in all parts of the earth under the umbrella of human brotherhood to pray to God by praying and praying with one voice, and everyone in his place according to his religion, belief and doctrine is united by absolute certainty in God’s ability, kindness and mercy to preserve humanity and raise the epidemic of the new Corona.”

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