With documents – Haifa Wehbe’s business manager escalates the crisis and files a case for proof of marriage!


Composer Mohamed Waziri, director of Haifa Wehbe’s work, escalated the crisis between him and the Lebanese star, filing a lawsuit in the Southern Cairo Prosecution College for Family Affairs to demand proof of his marriage to the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe.

The move came after Yasser Kantoush, the lawyer of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, revealed that he had filed a complaint against her manager (Mohamed Hamza Abdel Rahman Mohamed Abdel Moneim), because the latter had seized her money, withdrawn it from her bank account, and deposited it in his own account, according to the agency he obtained Of which.

The lawyer explained in the statement that, according to a special power of attorney employed by Haifa Wehbe’s business manager, inside the Arab Republic of Egypt – registered with the number 5241 of 2019 issued by the notary in Beirut, stating that “Haifa” and assigned the complainant to his position to act on his behalf and to negotiate with others regarding Its artistic and lyrical concerts, cinematographic programs, TV series, advertisements and signing contracts for these works on terms that are agreed upon, receiving their allowances and giving receipts in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He added in the statement: “As the complainant in his right was working as the director of the complainant’s business in Egypt and contracting concerts, programs and series that belong to the complainant and he was receiving the agreed material value for the concerts and series from the producers and contractors and the bank deposited it in the complainant’s account except that he took advantage of the agency authorizing him By the complainant and he withdrew money from the deposited complaint account Emirates NBD and deposited those amounts in his account without the knowledge of the complainant taking advantage of that power of attorney issued to him. ”

He continued: “In addition to his seizure of other large sums of money in exchange for the value of concerts, television shows and their serials that he was receiving from the producers, and instead of handing them to the complainant, he was seizing them on his own account in order to harm the complainant and seize its funds.”


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