With the help of the Russian police, a massive arrest campaign at Rami Makhlouf’s companies


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The Syrian regime, with the help of the Russian police, launched a widespread and continuous campaign of arrests since yesterday, Sunday, in the circles of companies of the Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, son of Bashar al-Assad, after broadcasting the third recording through his Facebook account.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: The Russian police participated in carrying out the raids to arrest 60 employees of the Syriatel Company and Al-Bustan Association.

According to the Syrian Observatory, about sixty people working as managers and officials of Makhlouf companies have been arrested in five major governorates since the beginning of the last security campaign, about forty of them in the company Syriatel.

The observatory also added that the regime and Russia arrested about nineteen people from the Al-Bustan Association of Rami Makhlouf Ibn Khalil al-Assad.

After the emergence of the Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf and the last owner of the Syriatel Company for the third time, the “Regulatory Authority for Communications and Post” of the Syrian regime, announced that the Syriatel Company, owned by Makhlouf, bears all legal and operational consequences as a result of its refusal to return the state’s due rights.

In a statement on its official page on Facebook, Sunday, the authority said: “Almost two weeks after the expiry of the deadline for the company” Syriatel “and the flexibility of the government side, and he refused to pay the sums involved in it related to rebalancing the license granted to them; the authority holds the company” Syriatel “responsibility Based on the law and the commitment of the Communications Authority to collect public funds for the treasury. ”

The statement emphasized that the authority will take all legal measures to collect these rights and recover the money through the available legal methods according to its statement.

In a previous publication, the authority indicated that TeleInvest Company, one of the main partners in MTN Syria, has indicated its willingness to pay and confirmed the right of the amounts claimed by the authority, and that the work is being completed with MTN Syria in all Its partners, and move to the second stage of determining the mechanism of payment of the sums owed to it to rebalance the granted license.

The authority’s statement comes hours after Makhlouf appeared in the third video, where he apologized to the families of the employees of his company, “Syriatel”, who were arrested by the security forces affiliated with the regime.

I will not give up

Makhlouf stressed that he will not give up his position in the company despite the continuous threats, warning of the repercussions of the regime’s policy on the Syrian economy, and that sabotaging the “Syriatel” communications company, would be a great disaster for the Syrian economy.

As for the sums required from him, he said that it is not a right and not a tax, and it is imposed on the one hand without a right or law and no legal basis for it, and he indicated that he will pay it and will be in support of the system.

Makhlouf stated that they stipulated his removal from his position in the company “Syriatel” as chairman of the board of directors, stressing that he will not give up his position.

Makhlouf confirmed that the telecommunications company asked him to forfeit part of the company’s profits, under penalty of imprisonment and threatening to hand over the company.

Makhlouf appeared strong in this video, as his voice rose and the president of the regime, Bashar Al-Assad, warned of the implications of this policy on the country’s economy.

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