With video Ababil bird appears in Algeria .. and raises controversy


12:55 am

Friday 08 May 2020

Books – Ali Shibl:

A resident of the Algerian city of Chlef found, on Thursday, a bird belonging to the species of the samovit, or what is known as the “baby birds”, before handing it over to the Forest Guard Service, which inspected it and placed it under protection.
“One of the citizens was handed over to the forestry province a bird of the parasite, which was found today, Thursday, where he was inspected and placed under protection, especially since this species is considered rare and worthy of research and attention,” the Algerian News Agency quoted the authority’s official, Mohamed Bughalia, as saying.

And “Russia Today” reported from the Algerian Agency that the head of the Plant and Animal Protection Service, Mohamed Arous, explained that “this male bird is about 16 cm long and has long wings that are laid back in the shape of a crescent and have claws, brown in color with gray areas and forked and short tail, which is Characteristics of the camel’s bird, which belongs to the family of the samovit.

On the other hand, birds experts in groups said on Facebook that the bird mentioned is not rare, and that it is related to the black poison bird which is very common in Algeria between April and September.

It is mentioned that this type of bird is one of the rare species mentioned in the Noble Qur’an: “And He sent upon them the bird of Ababil” (Surat Al-Fil – 3). And the story as told by the biography: that Abraha Al-Ashram, who was the leader of the Abyssinian army by its Negus king, had built a great church to spend the Hajj of the Arabs, and swore to destroy the Kaaba, and prepared a great army accompanied by many elephants, then the army crawled towards Mecca, then what God wanted was to destroy The army and its commander sent groups of birds of the appel to throw them with mud and stone stones.

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