Witness | Ahmed Flux reveals the secrets of his arrest in 2013


The artist Ahmed Flux arrived this evening as a guest on “Sheikh Al-Hara”, which is presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, on the “Cairo and the People” channel.

Inas El Degheidy, Ahmed Flocks, in the last paragraphs of the program, demanded that he reveal the reasons for his arrest in 2013. Should he return due to the existence of 9 absentee judgments for writing checks without balance? Or is it recommended for you to be raised?

Flux responded, and said, I heard these words a lot, but I do not know who this person who commanded me to be raised, and I am well educated and everyone has enemies.

“Sheikh Al-Hara” asked, in a provocative way, from the artist Ahmed Flocks, to tell the details of the theft of producer Raymond Makar for his famous series “Shadow of the President”, which was starred by the star Yasser Jalal.

Fox, by knowing “Sheikh Al-Hara,” was surprised by this information that was announced in the program for the first time.

“Sheikh Al-Hara” is one of the hot talk shows that relies on hot statements and revealing facts for the first time about stars of art, sports, media and celebrities.

Inas al-Deghaidy will host a group of controversial art and sports stars during Ramadan’s episodes, notably Mohi Ismail, Suhair Ramzi, Edward and Abdel Baset Hamouda, Safia Al-Omari, Hassan Shakoush, Tamer Hajras, Injaa Ali, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Producer Ahmed Al-Sabki, and others. Who are the stars


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