Yamen Bin Zekri: Kroll’s statement caused me to return to the Tunisian team … and be


Tunisian Yamen Ben Zekry, the former Zamalek player, confirmed that he was happy with his experience with the white team, pointing out that Kagoda was the one who requested his inclusion, but his relationship was good with Henry Michel and Mahmoud Saad.

“Remembrance with the Zamalek team was not easy because of the way I played before I came to Egypt,” Bin Zekry said in remarks to the Al-Talat fans program on On Time Sports.

He added: “The injury was a difference in my relationship with Zamalek, after I had a cut in the outer ligament of cartilage, and it was a very difficult period.”

He continued: “The most standing player next to me was Abdel Wahed Al-Sayed during my injury with Zamalek, and he would take me with his car daily to the doctor.”

He explained that what Zamalek coach Rod Kroll had previously stated as a good defender but his slow defect contributed to his return to Tunisia and his professionalism in the French league.

He pointed out that what Kroll had said earlier that gave him a large charge of enthusiasm was a reason to present his best to return to the Tunisian national team and experience a professional experience in France.

Regarding the confrontations of Zamalek against Al-Ahly, I confirmed that he played with many of the stars of Zamalek during that period, pointing out that he was working for an account for Al-Ahly’s Flavio and also Mohamed Abu Trika during the top matches.

And Ben Zekry completed his remarks: “Ali Maaloul is one of the best players who came to Egypt recently, and also Ferjani Sassi is a capable player who gives a lot with Zamalek and makes the difference.”


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