Yasmine Sabry is upset with Ramiz Jalal because of Abu Hashima


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Elaf from Beirut: The Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, launched a fierce attack on the artist Ramiz Jalal, after he deleted some of her words about her husband Ahmed Abu Hashima, during the editing of the program.

Sabri said to the IT show in Arabic: “When you asked me, I narrated about Ahmed Abu Hashima, do you love his honor or his grandfather, and it was my response, I love everything, his honor, his greed, his success in his work and self-confidence, which was deleted from the episode, and I even said that the master of men” .

She added: “I was surprised when watching the episode that Ramez and the program decided to delete all this and keep one word, and they make me laugh.”

The young Egyptian actress explains: “This matter annoyed me a lot from Ramiz Jalal, and I did not find a single explanation for what he had done with me.”


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