You will not believe how old the difference between Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil!


Many people do not know the true age of the Egyptian artist, Tamer Hosni, who is one of the most important young artists in Egypt and the Arab world, where he is 42 years old, and not as it appears in the thirty years of age, thanks to his form and looks that help him a lot in order to appear younger In addition to the clear cosmetic modifications that he has undergone in recent years.

Either from the true age of his wife, Moroccan fashion designer Basma Bousil, here comes the surprise, as she is 14 years younger than her, because she entered the world of art when she is only 17 years old, through her participation in the “Star Academy” program, the sixth season which It was shown in 2009, the same year in which she met her husband, the artist Tamer Hosni, and because her fame started early, some people thought that she was in her mid-twenties, but the fact is that her current age has not exceeded 29 years.

It is noteworthy that the artist Tamer Hosni recently released a video clip entitled “You are with me” with the first days of Eid Al-Fitr, and he approached 6 million views on YouTube and the song from the album “Live with Your Life”. “Cheb Khaled”, and it was redistributed before filming, and he joined the song “Abdel Fattah El Jarini” and the Tunisian “Balti”, the song composed by Tamer Hosni, composed by Jalal El Hamdaoui and directed by Said El Marouk.


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