Yousra: I increased 3 kilos in the ban .. and Bayoumi Fouad: I need more love in my form of “Karshi”.


During the hosting of the program “With You”, on the CBC channel, Mona El-Shazly, for the series’ heroes “Betrayal of the era” The presenter of the program, Mona Al-Shazly, went into a game with the series’ heroes, which is to choose each of them a ball from a number of balls in a glass bowl, and inside the ball there is a question and each of them answers this question.

Indeed, the artist began with the game Fouad, where he chose the first ball and its question was: What do you need most in your form? And he answered jokingly, “Karshi”, and the second choice of the ball went to the artist Salwa Othman, and her question was, uh, more than a name that he hated, and Sally answered, and the artist, Tiam Kamar, chose one of the balls to find the question: What is the situation that happened to you and I wished the land to split and swallow you? When I was young, he answered, my father Mustafa Qamar asked me at one of his concerts, to go up on stage to dance with my cousin, on the song Pianola.

And when it came to the actress Abeer Sabry, she chose one of the balls whose question came, by pampering yourself in front of the mirror by saying, “I answered,” I never crossed myself in front of the mirror. I stand before her to hold myself accountable and see whether I can look at myself or not. As for the artist Khaled Sarhan, his question came. Who is more tired than you in the lottery? No one answered, as the artist Sharif Hafiz answered a question that was more difficult for him than he was, saying, Hamaya, because he cried my wife.

And on the question of the artist Khaled Anwar, if you would do a plastic surgery, it would be er, he said: Do you have an operation in my heart because there is an empty part in it, and the share of the artist Mustafa Darwish was in a question I was following, other than a betrayal of a pledge, he said 100 Ws because it is my second series. His question: What is the strangest message to you on Instagram? He said: You are sick. As for the artist, Yousra, she had the biggest share. She chose Curtin.


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