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Never was Yusra acting while saying goodbye to her son, Khaled Anwar, she was flying in other skies, surpassing everything we studied academically. What we saw, two days ago, in the series (Betrayal of the Covenant) is not evaluated according to the law of art and the rules of acting, but it is a flash of light inhabiting the heart of the creator, to settle in our hearts, bypassing all the barriers of sound and light, to remain an exceptional scene in the history of Arab drama.

In seconds, the two scenes were visually mixed, and he reckoned for the scriptwriter and director Sameh Abdulaziz, the morgue of the moment of denial as the first line of defense to face the disaster, then burial when the words die, while the truth is in the wooden box, and on its way to the dirt, the artist when he faces those scenes that reach the peak seems At first glance, it is mono-expressive, but you discover that it is the true test to capture all the visible and emotional details and contradictions. It does not necessarily require screaming or tears, so what is easier for a professional actor to borrow from his memory tears and screams, what you provided Yusra was the silence of the cry and the burning of humor E, two Ahsasan goes beyond all the tools of expression that Nmskha with our own hands, the performance style enters the flight stage, away from all known professional actor veteran of the tools, which incidentally is not available for re-glow once, either documented by the camera or fading fast.

Yusra is an exceptional case among the stars of art in our country, she knows how to exist by general rules imposed by the market, and she adheres to the general law, but she has her own law, finds common areas of contact, which brings together the public and the private, so that this is her creative circle, never using a weapon named ( The momentum), the artist who lives with people and on screens for about 40 years has absolutely a huge mass balance, who can spend a few years on his profits, but after that he finds himself inevitably spending part of the capital, and is lost with the days in which he lives old.

Yousra never relies on that deposit, but adds to it. Like everyone, you may mistake a bet or lose an artistic tour, but she is not defeated in a battle. She has the ability to face the truth and admit that she made a mistake and immediately all the weapons of survival accumulate so that stumbling becomes the first step To jump to the fore.

The creator will remain in a tough bet with the days, in all fields, time will prove only a little that he possesses the supreme word, and no matter how many patterns of artistic and literary activity, from poetry, music, plastic art, and writing a story or essay, will always imply a retreat in the creative force with the flow of years passing, The matter must be subjected first to the law of life, which deducts much of man from his ability to receive mental and visual, and in front of him only a weapon (intelligence of the heart), who is able to submit time in his favor, the artist who reaches the top, and insists that he share in the (poster) all These artists, and of all generations, are the only ones who trust in themselves, in the love of people and in their hearts Afia and his conscience, and thus Yosra hovered this scene far away, and she is still flying !!

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