Yusras most daring statement revealed for the first time .. She injected Botox, had a stroke, and had an abortion


The star Yusra made in her episode yesterday with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi on the ninth program, with many bold statements, which she discloses for the first time, as follows:

Botox is injected once a year for a long time and does so when it has work.

She tried to be a mother, but she could not and was satisfied with God’s ability.

She aborted in the fifth month of her pregnancy and became tired during this period.

She suffered a stroke in the vocal cords while she was filming a message for the governor with Adel Imam, and she was treated by a doctor in France.

She suffered from corticosteroids during a stroke treatment and lost 12 kilos of weight and people thought she had plastic surgery.

She was infected with a virus that almost reached the brain, but she was treated and saved by Providence.

She revealed that she was stabbed from within the artistic community, but she did not disclose the positions she was subjected to.

She announced that she could not survive the death of her mother, and that she was still crying about her passing, despite the lapse of 10 months since her death.

The last work of the star, Yousra, was the series “Betrayal Ahd”, which was shown on Al-Hayat channel at six thirty in the month of Ramadan, starring Yousra, Hala Shiha, Jumana Murad, Abeer Sabri, Hanadi Muhanna and Khaled Anwar, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and written by Ahmed Adel, scenario and dialogue of Amin Jamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad and the series are joint production between Al-Adel Group for the product Jamal Al-Adel and United Media Services Company.

Yusra, with “Betrayal of Ahad”, returned to Ramadan drama after her absence last year, where she presented her latest work “We Have Other Sayings”, which was screened away from the month of Ramadan, and co-starred with Sherine Reda, Najla Badr, Ahmed Hatem, Noha Abdin, Mohamed Shaheen, Omar Zahran, Salma Abu Dhaif, Latifa Fahmy, and Hoda Al-Mufti, written by Abdullah Hassan, Amin Jamal Abdullah Abu Bakr, Ibrahim Mohsen, and directed by Muhammad Ali.


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