Zadeh: Al-Naqaz will be defeated, like Razzaq. It is certain that electrification will be punished


Zamalek board member Hani Zadeh stated that Hamdi Al-Naqaz will lose his case with Zamalek when she heads to the International Sports Court as is the case with Razak Omotoyousi, and expressed his confidence in resolving the case of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, “Kahraba”.

Zada said in his statements to the channel “On Time Sports”: “The International Sports Court differs from the International Football Federation, because the court includes 3 arbitrators, each party chooses an arbitrator, and there is a neutral arbitrator, and everyone has to submit his documents.”

He continued: “There is an additional foreign lawyer who will join the team of lawyers responsible for the case … Zamalek’s position in the current situation can easily win the case in the sports court.”

He continued: “Razzaq was a former player and got a ruling from the sports court of one million and 250 thousand dollars, but when we went to the sports court the decision was canceled.”

He talked about the case of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, “Kahraba” after Zamalek’s complaint against him, saying: “Kahrabas position is clear, if the contract is documented in the Football Association and the player regularly receives the salary, then the club did not make any mistake.”

He concluded by saying, “Certainly, Kahraba will lose the case for the cancellation of his contract with Zamalek, but then the matter is related to the amount of compensation that the club will receive, because we want to obtain huge compensation and therefore we chose an Italian lawyer to manage this case.”


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