Zafar Hifter’s hours .. a gag without flour – Al Jazeera Arabic Al-Jazeera


  1. Safar hours Haftar .. Gajah without flour Al Jazeera Arabic Al-Jazeera
  2. A spokesman for the Libyan National Army clarifies the details of the withdrawal from the Al-Wattia base, Masrawy-Masrawy
  3. “Al-Wefaq” documents the sources of the weapons seized at the Al-Wataya base, for transmission to the new Arab Security Council
  4. After the liberation of Al-Watiyah, the western military region calls for bridging the rift and unifying the ranks in Libya
  5. After controlling the Al-Watiyah base, Al-Wefaq government forces enter the towns of Tigi and Badr in the Western Mountain Al Jazeera Arabic
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