Zamalek goal .. Al-Karti insinuates his desire for European professionalism


Walid Al-Karti, the Moroccan Wydad player, expressed his desire to have a professional experience in Europe, pointing out that he had received offers from some Arab clubs earlier, but it did not satisfy him or the club.

The club is the target of more than one Arab club, led by Zamalek and its French coach, Patrice Carteron, who wants to include the 25-year-old during the next summer transfer period. (To view the details of the deal, click on the link)

During a live broadcast on the social networking site “Instagram” reported by the newspaper “africatopsports”, Al-Karti said: “If my goal is to develop in Egypt or in another Arab country, then it will be easy, because the level that I have shown with Wydad deserves appreciation, the best European professionalism.”

Al-Kirti added: “I received offers before this season, but they did not accept me or the club.”

The Wydad player continued: “The only offer that was really interesting was the Palermo show in 2016, the team was then in the Italian League, but the deal did not take place, and fortunately, I continued with the club and achieved things every player dreamed of.”

Al-Karti joined the ranks of Wydad at the start of the 2013/2014 season, coming from Olympique Kharbika. The 25-year-old contributed to crowning his team with three local league titles, the African Champions League and Super Africa.


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