Zamalek, Mahala, and Field Marshal Amer Egyptian today


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The tumultuous conversation that took place two days ago regarding Osama Nabih’s statements regarding a match between Zamalek and Ghazl al-Mahalla .. could lead us to another story also between Zamalek and Mahalla, but its facts revolved in 1961 .. It is also an important story to talk again about Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer and football .. I am not here talking about Field Marshal Amer as a military leader, but I am talking about the football lover and the head of the Egyptian Football Association for many years .. And the man who was followed by so many football rumors and lies after he became the first footballer in Egypt for many years to the extent that he is responsible for every crisis, error and failure, but reached some of them Exaggerating football One of the reasons for the June 1967 defeat.

Certainly, there were many mistakes for Omar as president of the Football Association and there were successes as well .. He is the first president of the association to break the dominance of Al-Ahly and Zamalek over the league championship, so the Olympic, Arsenal and Ismaili won, and it was not true that he was totally biased towards the Zamalek club at the expense of right, justice and other clubs. And the story that I am referring to now serves as proof of that .. In 1961 .. the league ended and the Suez Union Club finished last, which means it fell to the second degree .. The Suez Union submitted a complaint to the Football Association headed by Amer accusing Zamalek and the arsenal of collusion with the spin of the locality and not winning On him until he survives The drop .. Amer formed a committee to investigate the complaint.

On June 28, 1961, Al-Ahram published the full results of this investigation, which demonstrated the occurrence of collusion … When the results were presented to Field Marshal Amer, he ordered the landing of Al-Mahalla to be replaced instead of the Suez Confederation … and a player from Zamalek, 3 players from Arsenal and 3 players were removed from Al-Mahalla Court and blamed The official Zamalek and Arsenal .. And that meant a strong union that ran the ball .. And that Field Marshal Amer did not ignore the complaint of Suez against Zamalek and the arsenal .. He did not issue secret directives to that committee to clear Zamalek of complicity and only condemn the spin of the locality and the arsenal only considering the mentor a true lover of Zamalek .. and who All the time they claimed that Field Marshal Amer did It is acceptable to prejudice Zamalek and any player in Zamalek from any referee, official or journalist who had to stop first in front of this story .. and many other tales have been ignored to distort the spherical image of Field Marshal Amer.

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