Zamalek reveals the difficulty of returning the foreign trio in the event of a league resumption


Zamalek officials revealed the difficulty of the return of Moroccan duo Ashraf Ben Sharky, Mohamed Onajem and Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the white team players, during the current time, to Cairo, in light of their presence in Morocco and Tunisia, since the cessation of the spherical activity, which came within the measures taken to avoid the spread of the Corona virus , Which will make it difficult for them to join the white club in the next stage if there is any decision to resume sports activity or not.

Trio is preferred Fergani Sassi Ben Sharqi and Onajem will continue in their countries and go to the program set up for them by the technical staff of the team under the leadership of the French Patrice Carteron, where the foreign quartet in Zamalek, Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, and Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi and his fellow Mohamed Onajm alongside the Congolese Capongo Casongo are keen to send videos of their exercises. To the white technical apparatus, to ensure that they continue to maintain their daily physical exercise exercises for them to maintain their physical fitness.

While Zamalek officials received a notification from Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi, the white team’s wing, that he will continue with the team in the coming period, where he assured Zamalek officials that he had never thought about leaving the white as it was reported recently to take on the professional experience and the player assured Zamalek officials that he feels comfortable with The club did not open the file of the external offers, which were reported in the last stage, and it has another motive for winning the African Champions League title after the return of the activity, as the player is linked to a contract that extends with the White Castle for a period of two coming seasons.

Zamalek’s technical staff, led by the French Patrice Carteron, is keen to communicate with them continuously along with the rest of the team players to check on their conditions along with the reassurance to continue working to maintain their physical fitness and weights in the current stopping period that comes to avoid the spread of the Corona virus.


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