3 scenarios to resume negotiations .. Sudan reveals the scenes of the meeting of irrigation ministers on the Renaissance Dam


Mohammed ‘alaa

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Wednesday 10 June 2020 – 1:27 am
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Wednesday 10 June 2020 – 2:17 am

The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Yasser Abbas, said that the meeting, which he met with his counterparts in Egypt and Ethiopia, reviewed the views of each country regarding the Renaissance Dam negotiations, noting that Sudan proposed to resume negotiations based on the meeting held in Washington on February 12 and 13 in the presence of the three countries ( It is the meeting that ended with the United States’ announcement of an agreement in partnership with the World Bank).

The Sudanese minister said that Ethiopia had made it clear that it could be based on Washington’s reference, but it had a number of points that had not been resolved yet, adding that Egypt had proposed Washington’s reference, but the February 21 copy (the final agreement drafted by the World Bank and the United States).

In response to a question about Ethiopias announcement of its intention to fill the Lake of the Dam next month, the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation said: “This is an essential part of the negotiations that we are conducting now – there are no details, but this is the core of what we are negotiating now.”

The water ministers of Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia held a video conference on Tuesday evening, in the presence of 3 observers: the United States of America, the European Union Commission, and South Africa.

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