4 Tunisian films on ‘Netflix’


4 Tunisian films are shown on the American broadcasting platform, Netflix “Darsh” by the director Abdel Hamid Bouchnak, “Beik Naish” by Mahdi Al-Barasawi, “Nora dreams” of India for Boujemaa, and “On the Puck of Imp” by Director Kawthar Bin Haniyeh, who are all involved in their bold social and political issues, and their embodiment of issues of religious militancy and individual freedoms.

In her statement to Sky News, “ Hind Boujemaa ”, director of the movie “Noura Tilam”, starring Tunisian star Hind Sabri, said that she sold the film to an international distribution company that in turn sold it to the Netflix platform, as the film, after its completion, was no longer owned by the director, according to the requirements of the market New cinema.

The director answers a question to what extent these companies interfere in film scenarios, that production companies and funds have not been allowed in recent years to interfere with movie content, unlike in the not-so-distant past, as Western support funds imposed changes and conditions in the topics and scenario.

However, the Tunisian director expresses her fear of monopolizing the American platform for films, and considers it a threat to the future of cinema and a strong competition for the exhibition halls, which may kill the magic of the silver screen, which was deepened by the Corona epidemic crisis that closed the cinemas.

Regarding the screening of the film on “Netflix”, the director, “Nora Dreams”, says that she has received positive impressions from viewers since the movie started on June 25th.

Netflix provides international recognition and an important moral value to the directors, especially to the actors in the participating Tunisian cinema, according to Hind Boujemaa.

The same impression is shared by director Abdel Hamid Bouchnak, owner of the first horror film in Tunisian cinema, and the controversial film “Dashra”, which revolves around the phenomena of witchcraft and sorcery.

Bushnaq hopes that his work will achieve advanced viewing numbers on “Netflix”, which will allow opening new horizons for his entire team.

For his part, Mahdi Al-Barasawi describes the screening of his long feature film, “Beck Naish”, which talks about freedoms in Tunisia after the revolution on the American stage in addition to the good, as the director “makes cinema for people to see.”

The audiences platforms will open the Tunisian film to the doors of the international art market, as well as contribute to the arrival of the Tunisian dialect in the Arab world to facilitate your access opportunities for directors, actors and technicians to the Arab arena, and create a new dynamic for the generation of young directors.

On the “Netflix” platform, the film “On the Palm of the Imp,” by the Tunisian director residing in France, Kawthar Haniyeh, also presents the issue of rape and the suffering of its victims. Ben Haniyeh inspired the film’s events from a true story that shook the Tunisian street in 2012.

(Sky News)


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