5 European airlines announce the expansion of its flight schedules starting next July


A group of European airlines began announcing the expansion of flight schedules starting from next July, in light of a number of countries taking decisions to gradually lift travel restrictions in front of tourism.

Among the most prominent airlines that announced the expansion of their schedules are German Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, as airlines are now expanding their services significantly in the coming weeks and months.

This applies to both short trips and long trips, and the expansion of flight schedules by offering the largest possible number of destinations.

Next September, about 90% of all planned short and medium-haul destinations will be served by those lines, and 70% of long-distance destinations will be served again.

From June 8 onwards, all passengers are required to wear a mouth and nose mask on board the aircraft throughout the entire journey, and the General Conditions of Transport (GTC) will be adjusted accordingly, and this will continue until a vaccine is introduced to the virus and people vaccinated with it to protect them from infection and thus things return to normal.

Here are the flight details:

Lufthansa: 1. Lufthansa airlines will fly more than 100 times per week to destinations in North America through their hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, starting next October.

2. It is scheduled to operate about 90 flights per week to Asia, more than 20 trips to the Middle East and more than 25 trips to Africa.

3. On short and medium flights, Lufthansa will offer a total of 1,800 weekly flights from September onwards, and there will be 102 destinations from Frankfurt and 88 destinations from Munich.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines: 1. From July onwards, Austrian Airlines aircraft will depart on regular long-haul flights for the first time since mid-March to Bangkok, Chicago, New York and Washington, with up to three weekly flights.

2. The width of the European Network will also be expanded to cover various routes from July onwards, including flights to Greece.

Swiss Airlines

Swiss Air: 1. Swiss Air plans to return to about 85% of the destinations it was serving before the Corona crisis starting next October, with about a third of its ability to operate these lines from Zurich and Geneva to European destinations.

2. It also plans to reintroduce other transcontinental destinations into the road network.

Belgian Airlines Brussels Airlines: The company plans to resume flight operations on June 15 to several European destinations.

• Airline

Eurowings: 1. Eurowings will also greatly expand its itinerary program for business and leisure travelers.

2. It plans to travel to 80% of its destinations again this summer after raising the travel warning to European holiday destinations in Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia.

3. The company will return around 30% to 40% of its capacity in July, with the main focus on flights from Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Cologne-Bonn airports.


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