6 workers die in a pipeline under construction project in Aziziyah district, Saudi Arabia (photos)


6 workers die in a project under ...

Source: Riyadh – Toss News

Six workers were killed, inside a large underground water pipe, in the Aziziyah neighborhood of Riyadh, while they were carrying out construction work on the site.

The Saudi Civil Defense said in a statement that the six workers belonged to one of the companies executing work inside the pipeline, and they were unable to leave with the loss of communication with their colleagues abroad, yesterday evening, Wednesday.

The statement added that the civil defense teams found the missing workers dead within a distance of approximately 360 meters, and they were taken out by creating holes in the tube by means of civil defense equipment and installations for such incidents.

The pipeline is approximately 400 meters in length and about one meter in diameter, and is part of a project to extend under construction pipelines in the Aziziyah district, south of Riyadh.

He explained that investigations into the accident are still underway to determine the reasons, while the statement did not reveal the nationalities of the deceased workers.

Pictures from the accident site showed civil defense men at the entrance to the large pipe and above part of it, while working to create a hole in it to get the workers out.

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